RcKeen aims to enable private local and foreign companies by providing best in class advisory and consulting services. We at RcKeen are passionate and committed to our responsibility to guide and facilitate the introduction of positive impact investments into Saudi Arabia as part of our responsibility to the Vision’s success.



We advise, support, and guide our clients by offering hands on, practical recommendations customized to create value while conducting business.



We provide our clients with best practices through our network of professional experts and industry-specific specialists.



Provide foreign and domestic investors with best in class guidance allowing them.



We assist our clients in aligning goals, setting clear expectations, developing the right actions, and introducing the best measurement to keep operation on track.

RcKeenOutreach Service

Well-planned and periodical outreach activities that help government stakeholders achieve their promoted targets in a well-designed and orchestrated manner. Through this service we help improving the dialogue between Owners of investment opportunities and foreign/ domestic investors to fulfill the needed economic development. It will also help the government to identify the ‘wish-list’ for reforms and incentives as considered by potential and existing investors motivating them to invest/expand in the country. The outreach service includes identifying investors, creating interest on location, providing support on ‘conducting business climate’, leading negotiations, preparing and executing site tours, arranging stakeholders’ engagement, follow up on objectives and facilitate closing deals.

RcKeenForeign Companies Guidance

Provide foreign and domestic investors with best in class guidance that allow them to navigate the national ecosystem and conduct business in the country. We help explaining all aspects of business-related dependencies to shield our clients from any unexpected situations during their operations. We periodically publish economic and industry specific reports that highlights the key changes regarding the economic landscape. We provide continuous update on the latest reforms and business environment improvement initiatives to bring our clients the latest tools helping them excel in their approach. We provide business setup assistance, legal and business consultancy, and support, in addition to interim management services.

RcKeenMatchmaking and National Companies Promotion

Provide both Private & public sector player with a solution that saves time and the cost of planning and implementing business and trade mission all over the world to search for the right partner. We study and assess our clients’ value chain and recognize the gaps which help us identify the right potential partner and thus perform the best matchmaking & collaboration service. Our matchmaking business covers both trade and investment initiatives and addresses customized needs for clients. Furthermore, the service also covers the promotion of national companies that are domestically leading their industries while at the same time ready to expand internationally, be it through investment, exports or joint ventures. We provide foreign markets visibility to our clients and we facilitate B2B, B2G rewarding cooperation and partnership.

Consulting Team

RcKeen has a competent national team with over 15 years of experience in consulting work. the Team has a great understanding and knowledge of the latest practical methods in providing the best consulting services suitable for our clients‘ environment, in addition to a careful understanding of the business‘ needs and work environment. These unique factors enable us to Make an Impact Anytime, Anywhere.