RcKeen Services by Sectors


End to End Advisory Services

Our services span across a wide continuum starting from market insights and analysis, Business Setup, Staff recruitment and Matchmaking.

Market Introduction & Analysis

Preparing site visits agenda, exploring 2030 Vision and potential investment opportunities, Introduction to stakeholders market dynamics and analysis.

Government Relations

Establishing the legal entity; SAGIA license, commercial registration, municipality, E-Services (700 number), labor, and others. Offering facilitation by opening bank accounts and other PRO services.

Business Plan/Model Review & Feedback

Validate business model, provide management consultancy services; corporate structure, processes, strategy formulation & execution, recruitment, etc.

Matchmaking Services

Short listing potential local and international partners, perform risk analysis and credit worthiness analysis, and due diligence Advise on cooperation modalities.

Promoting National Companies

We identify Saudi companies that are financially stable, healthy and that are willing to expand internationally and we help them identify and fill the gap in their portfolio, capabilities, governance and operating model which allow them to play an international role.